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Insect protection meshes

Insect mesh type pleat (mosquito meshes)

Insect meshes or in short meshes are universal means of protection from insects, especially during the summer. Their importance achieve comfort at home is significant. Meshes do not require any maintenance other than simple cleaning within the network insect are produced from materials of good quality, which makes them durable and offer mosquito meshes in almost all colors do not obscure the view through your window, do not take up much space and They do not interfere, do not squeak, disassembled extremely easily can be placed on doors and windows of any size.

The most stylish solution to your problem with insects is precisely mosquito meshes - type pleat. Extremely practical, stable and flexible, very easy to open and close. This is optimal for insect - comfortable, reliable, durable. This type of mosquito has the advantage of being raised and lowered depending on your needs. Easy storage of mosquito mesh facilitates cleaning of the fixed part of the window outside. It is an elegant and effective solution for any home with a neat interior and owners holding of beauty and style.

In the winter months of the year mosquito mesh can be uninstalled, which significantly prolongs its durability and protects it from aging and sudden gusts of wind. The mesh type pleat are convenient because they can be harvested as take amazingly little space when folded.
Pleated insect nets will cater for your pleasant feeling of comfort and security.



















Company Adept In uses Italian insect meshes.