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Glass bundle

Glass bundle represents over 80% of the area of your windows. This should not compromise in his choice. It is something much more than two or more sheets of glass that are joined by a spacer and topping special components. Be sure that investments in good glass  bundle will return repeatedly over a relatively short period.

Glass bundle is a modern version of double glazing in which two or more sheets of glass separated to each other by an air gap, are united in a common hermetic module suitable for incorporation. Thus glazing made appears to be a building element. It is designed mainly for external glazing, but can also be used in the interior.

In order to provide dry air in the space between the glass panes, distancing frame is filled with absorbent material. The frame is bonded to the glass sides with butyl, which appears as a first barrier against passage of water vapor. As a second barrier is used with an elastic seal vinyl polysulfide, polyurethane, silicone or hot melt.

The materials used for making glass announces to have sufficient mechanical strength, resistance to UV light, diffusion of gases and moisture and heat resistance mrazo-.

Quality glass bundle is a guarantee for:
  • Improved thermal insulation
  • Sound insulation
  • Protection against trespass
  • Protection against strong winds