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Folding Glass Systems

Glass cover for any home, office, conservatory, restaurant, shop or kiosk.

Adept In Ltd. is pleased to offer an innovative glazing system with folding glass.

Folding glass system allows more space and usable part of your room. A natural beauty of the exterior of the building. It allows you to use the balcony at any time convenient for you as glazed or unglazed. Nothing irritates the eye, just the enjoyment of your panorama is complete. A safety for your children, dust, condensation and frost.

We have a wide variety of colors as supporting aluminum frame and windows, according to your desire and taste. The shape of your balcony is irrelevant, everywhere can be placed system of glass. Areas with large space can also be glazed. No matter how size and their size - hotels, cafes, restaurants and shops.

In good weather it allows you to open fully and in bad weather keep you from rain, wind, snow and dust without affecting the enjoyment of your sight.